Washington, D.C. is a great place to be these days — it will soon have six Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls restaurants, with the latest soon to open in the trendy “The Wharf” area, a mile-long stretch along the Potomac River. With a boardwalk, docks and boats within view, it only makes sense to have a lobster “shack” among the many attractions.

The Wharf is a unique, historic destination just a few blocks from the National Mall, quickly becoming the place to visit, live and work. From the chic hotels and residential buildings, upscale shopping, and the Anthem and Arena music venues, to the seasonal ice rink and Mardi Gras parade, it’s no wonder this waterfront community is such a draw.

It’s the ideal location for a Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls restaurant. Sure, there are five other Mason’s across the D.C. area, but The Wharf is the place to be, especially when spring comes and everyone wants to be near the water. 

Mason’s will be in good company. The Wharf is home to at least 80 other restaurants, some of which are Michelin-starred, and others are uber popular fast-casual restaurants. There are no shortage of dining options, yet Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls is famous for a reason. They offer unsurpassed lobster quality — quality you’d likely expect at one of the neighboring fine dining restaurants, but are conveniently (and refreshingly) served fast-casual style. Order at the counter and in a few minutes, you have 100% Maine lobster piled high on a fresh-baked, buttered, toasted, split-top-bun.

If you’ve never had a lobster roll, you may not know there are multiple varieties, the most popular being the “Classic” and the “Connecticut” versions. Mason’s actually offers six lobster roll styles, but these two traditional rolls are always fan favorites and a great place to start when you try Mason’s for the first time. 

The Classic is served chilled, with bite-size lobster chunks, a swipe of mayonnaise, lemon butter and special seasoning, and then stacked in a buttered, toasted bun. The Connecticut is even simpler, with lobster tossed in melted butter and served warm on a buttered, toasted bun. Each are equally delectable, and, quite frankly, hard to choose between.

From there, each roll gets a bit more complex, but the entire menu is based on simplicity: simple yet high-quality ingredients. After you’ve tasted the tried and true, be sure to experience the Lobster BLT Roll. As you might expect, it’s served with bacon, lettuce and tomato. Bacon and lobster? Yep. It works perfectly. The salty, smokey bacon pairs beautifully with the rich, succulent lobster.

You can even get a Lobster Salad Roll or opt for the Shrimp or Crab Roll instead, a nice alternative if you prefer shrimp or crab over lobster. And the best option? The Bar Harbor Roll, where you can get 50% more Maine lobster added to any roll. You won’t regret it.

Like its sister D.C. restaurants, Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls at The Wharf will offer other items as well if rolls aren’t your thing or you’re feeling like something different after you’ve tried them all. Lobster mac & cheese or lobster grilled cheese are downright indulgent and worth every calorie. While you’re at it, try the Lobster Bisque or New England Clam Chowder. Again, the genuine articles that stick to New England culinary traditions.

Want a lighter fare? There will be lobster, crab or shrimp salad with fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, goat cheese and dried cranberries on the menu. Kids will have their own menu, too, if lobster is a bit too adventurous for the little ones.

So what makes Mason’s lobster a tail above the rest? As you might expect, it comes down to the lobster. Maine lobster is known for its sweetness. We all know lobsters to have hard shells, but they actually have a short period during the summer where they migrate from Canada and Massachusetts to Maine and shed those hard shells. This “summer pack” is perfect for eating because it’s the sweetest lobster meat you can find. It’s why Mason’s only buys its lobster directly from Maine lobstermen during the summer months.

Most restaurants source their lobster from third parties who sell a mix of lobster from various geographical locations. You may get some Maine lobster in there, but most likely it’s a fusion of multiple lobster types and stages of life. Mason’s prefers to use only 100% Maine lobster, harvested at its peak season, so it’s the sweetest, most delectable lobster. No cutting corners or lesser-quality lobster at Mason’s!

When you visit Washington, D.C., be sure to stop by Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls’ newest location. Mason’s prides itself on delivering an authentic Maine coastline experience. From the inside decor to the genuine Maine lobster rolls prepared in New England tradition, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled 700 miles north to the docks of Maine.

Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls at The Wharf will be open daily from 11:00-9:00  at 681 Water Street.

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