Our Lobster Tale

famously simple

At Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls, the focus is on simplicity and indulgence.  


Our lobster rolls are prepared according to tradition. With no bells, no whistles, and no pretention. And we serve them with only the basics: Lemon. Butter. Mayo. Maybe a little celery.


Nothing extra to distract you. Just enough to seduce you.

Born in 2014

With A Very Old Soul

Our founder, Dan Beck, has been a lobster aficionado for more than 20 years. Working as a seafood buyer in the restaurant business, he paid regular visits to Maine, getting to know the lobstermen there. He was inspired by their centuries-old values and traditions, and learned to respect the ways of Maine’s waters.


In 2014, Dan opened the first Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls® as an homage to that world. He insists that the lobster rolls he serves be authentic in every respect.

straight from the

harbor's MOUTH to yours

At Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls, we get our lobster straight from Maine’s expert fishermen. They’re not just catching lobsters; they’re upholding a rich tradition. Our fishermen partners ensure that every catch respects the ocean, using environmentally-friendly methods that keep our marine life thriving.

By choosing us, you’re not only savoring an authentic taste but also supporting a community that values sustainability and the well-being of our oceans.


Authentic. Indulgent. Simply Good.

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