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 franchise is opening, the company’s 27th U.S. location.

Now residents and visitors of Bradenton, Florida can enjoy Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls, a favorite fast-casual restaurant for Floridians and many others across the U.S. Mason’s has become a mainstay in Miami, Fort Myers, St. Petersburg, and Panama City Beach. The newest location is located in the Braden River Plaza, nestled between the Manatee River and Braden River near the 55+ community of River Isles.

Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls may be new to Bradenton, but its roots go back nearly a decade. Founder Dan Beck spent his early career buying seafood for local restaurants. He was fortunate enough to travel to the docks of Maine to purchase lobster and quickly became enamored with the traditions and values of the Maine lobstermen. Over the years, he forged relationships with them and was determined to make sweet and succulent Maine lobster more accessible. 

Instead of opening a fine dining restaurant, where guests indulge in whole lobsters served on silver platters, he went more mainstream, launching the first Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls. You won’t find whole lobsters, but you will dig into decadent lobster meat piled high on rolls and several other menu items. Beck insists all of the lobster for every Mason’s location is hand-picked from the “summer pack,” known to be the sweetest lobster meat, produced when the lobsters shed their hard shells in the warmer Maine waters.

“People love lobster, but most think lobster is reserved only for special occasions,” says Beck. “We debunk that theory, offering some of the best lobster you can find in classic, traditional New England recipes that you can enjoy any time. Mason’s continues to expand across the country because we feed the lobster craving without breaking the bank. Each restaurant holds true to what inspired us from the beginning—authenticity, tradition and honesty.”

Bradenton is south of Tampa, and the newest Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls is situated in the Braden River Plaza, surrounded by an established residential community. The River Isles Golf Club and 55+ neighborhood are within walking distance, the popular Ellenson Premium Outlets are a short drive away, and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico is within sight. While you’ll find many Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls locations on beaches and boardwalks with high tourist foot traffic, the Bradenton location caters to nearby residents, giving them an exciting and unique dining experience indoors or outside on their patio.

There are many dining options in the area, but none offer the luxury of lobster served up New England style in a fast-casual setting. The minute you walk into Mason’s, you’ll feel transported to the docks of Maine. The decor isn’t campy—it’s tastefully reminiscent of the lobster shacks you might find dotting the New England coastline. No pretentiousness or fuss, just an environment where you can relax and enjoy the food prepared simply.

Let’s talk about the food. Of course, Mason’s is known for its lobster rolls. In fact, Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls is the largest brick-and-mortar chain in the U.S. with the widest variety of rolls. You’ll find five different varieties of rolls, plus the opportunity to add 50 percent more lobster meat to any roll. 

When you think of lobster rolls, you likely think of one of two recipes: The Classic or the Connecticut. These are traditional rolls that attract fans who debate which style is superior, but both are divine and made in the simplest way so the 100% lobster meat shines. The Classic Roll is served chilled with mayonnaise and lemon butter, whereas the Connecticut Roll is served warm, tossed in butter. Both rolls are made the time-honored way with a buttered, toasted, split-top bun. 

Then there’s the Lobster Salad Roll. The sweet lobster meat is combined with celery, mayonnaise and lemon dressing. You can order the roll with shrimp instead if you prefer. Finally, there’s the Lobster BLT Roll, a fun twist on the classic BLT. 

But rolls aren’t the only option at Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls in Bradenton. There are a variety of salads, with or without lobster or shrimp, plus rich lobster mac & cheese and lobster grilled cheese. They offer plenty of sides like lobster bisque and New England Clam Chowder, plus a kids’ menu, breakfast items, and alcoholic beverages. There’s truly something for everyone.

Bradenton residents and visitors should put Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls at the top of their dining list for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With so many menu items to choose from and the relaxed atmosphere, it’s likely to become your newest favorite spot.

The Bradenton Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls will be open 9am – 9pm Sunday-Thursday and 9am -10pm Friday-Saturday at 4650 East State Rd 64.

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