Our landlocked state has no shortage of quality seafood, and now you can add the buttery handheld delicacies at Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls to your must-try list.

Details: The seafood chain opened its first Colorado location earlier this year in the Cherry Creek neighborhood.

What I ordered: The Connecticut roll, which has warm lobster meat glazed in butter and stacked inside a toasted bun. And that’s it, as simple as it gets. Though I suggest spritzing the lobster with the lemon wedge on the side to give it even more flavor.

  • I lived in Connecticut for nearly five years, so I was skeptical about getting a good lobster roll this far from the Long Island Sound, but Mason’s was outstanding.
  • It’s a subtle difference, but one that anyone who’s lived in New England will instantly recognize: a Connecticut-style roll is different from the Maine version (called the Classic Lobster Roll at Mason’s), which is served chilled and with mayo.
  • Whichever you order, pair your main with some potato chips — and rosé, if you’re feeling adventurous.
    Reality check: Lobster ain’t cheap, and neither is a roll here, so be prepared to fork over $21 for this dish.
  • And if it’s payday, maybe grab the Bar Harbor — a roll that packs 50% more meat, including the lobster’s tail, and will only cost you $27.

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