Annapolis may technically be a crab town, but Mason’s Famous Lobster RollsTM on Main street would like everyone to take a few minutes to celebrate another great seafood — Lobster! June 15 is National Lobster Day and Mason’s is celebrating by giving away lobster hats with any purchase between now and June 15. If you post a picture of yourself wearing your lobster hat you may may also win a free lobster roll. Use the hashtags #masonsfamous or #lobsterday on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

This promotion comes as Mason’s has another reason to celebrate – the Main street store has just started to offer franchise locations for sale in eastern and midwestern states. Since Dan Beck founded his restaurant in Annapolis in 2013, it has grown quickly and received numerous accolades in the press and social media. Dan Beck is a life-long restaurateur and has spent a number of years as a seafood buyer. He saw the market potential of bringing the classic Maine lobster roll to Annapolis and beyond. Says Dan Beck, “Lobster used to only be available at fine dining restaurants with a bib, hammer and a hefty price point. At Mason’s, it’s easy to enjoy lobster anytime.”

Beck has created a business that should be attractive to franchise buyers because he’s developed a streamlined business model with a simple menu and proven success with his first location. Beck engaged FranPoint partners, a well-regarded Maryland-based franchise development firm which has helped launched many successful Fast Casual restaurant concepts to put the proper underpinnings in place and to ensure easy adaptation for franchisees. FranPoint’s senior partner, Richard J. Sharoff, who also serves as Mason’s EVP of Franchising says, “Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls offers a truly fresh idea for a much lower initial investment than typical fast casual restaurants.”

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