When you think of summer, you think of delicious seafood and the beach which is why it is the perfect time for Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls to open its new location in Raleigh. Mason’s concept is that their rolls are as real as it gets. The lobster is shipped in daily from Maine.

The first Mason’s opened in 2014 and now they have over eight locations. Raleigh’s spot is located at North Hills next to Bartaco.

It is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat. It is counter service so you go up to the counter, place your order and they will call your number when it is ready. They have a few places to sit inside and a couple of tables to sit outside if you would prefer.

So what did I have to eat? I tried the Classic because you have to start with the original, right? So the classic is a lobster roll served chilled with mayo and lemon butter. I loved everything about this roll. The bread was toasted and buttered perfectly. They had just the right amount of mayo- not too much at all which really let the sweetness of the lobster shine through. I would get this again.

If you are feeling really hungry go for The Bar Harbor Roll which is 1 1/4 pound of lobster and includes the tail for $20.

Mason’s officially opens their doors tomorrow. Congrats and welcome to Raleigh Mason’s.

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