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Americans' love for lobster and lobster rolls is growing at a phenomenal rate. And Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls® is leading the way, serving up an authentic Maine experience in market after market.

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Lobster roll shops are a growing phenomenon

Until the lobster roll shop became prevalent, lobster aficionados had to go to a full service restaurant (like Red Lobster) and sit down with a bib, a nutcracker, and a small fork or pick to access the meat. Also consumers don’t like or don’t know how to cook lobster at home which enhances the appeal of a lobster roll shop.

The lobster roll shop phenomenon is making this this aspirational menu item widely available and easily accessible to seafood lovers throughout the U.S. and lobster is no longer the exclusive province of full service restaurants, or just New Englanders.

“Lobster clawing its way onto fast casual menus” – Fast Casual Magazine, January 2016

Quotes from this article:

  • "Lobster offerings at limited-service concepts have doubled over the past 12 months”
Simple to operate

Because the process to operate a Mason’s is so streamlined, with no heavy restaurant equipment or complex restaurant operations, it requires no skilled labor, no chef’s, etc. A savvy entrepreneur with prior business experience can easily operate a Mason’s after attending our 10-day training program.

No restaurant experience necessary

Because the process to operate a Mason’s is so streamlined, with no heavy restaurant equipment or complex restaurant operations, it requires no skilled labor, no chef’s, etc. A savvy entrepreneur with prior business experience can easily operate a Mason’s after attending our 10-day training program.

Low investment

A Mason’s Lobster Roll shop does not require an extensive cooking process (and therefore less cooking equipment), it does not require the typical investment in ventilation, electrical, plumbing or air conditioning needs most common in setting up a typical restaurant. Because it can operate with a small kitchen, a Mason’s can operate in spaces as small as 700 to 1,200 square feet. Consequently, the initial investment required is relatively low.

Americans crave lobster

Lobster has always been recognized as the top of the seafood pyramid and U.S. consumption of lobster is becoming more and more popular!

“The enigma behind America’s Freak, 20-year lobster boom” – Seafood News, October 2015

Quotes from this article:

  • “The question of how you like your lobster roll is no longer the sole province of foodies, coastal New Englanders, and people who summer in Maine. American lobster has gone mainstream.”
  • “Last year, Maine fishermen hauled ashore 124 million pounds of lobsters, six times more than what they’d caught in 1984. The $456 million in value those landings totalled was nearly 20% higher than any other year in history, in real terms.” (This translates to an annual compounded growth rate of 6%.)
Very little competition

Mason’s is truly a FRESH fast casual concept. Burgers, pizza, Mexican, coffee and other such concepts are on virtually every street corner. With only a few, regional players, this niche is proven, but with little or no competition in most markets.

High revenue potential

Franchise law does not permit us to make any Financial Performance Representations regarding sales, operating costs or profit. However according to a recent industry article the primary player in the lobster roll segment (with 14 locations) reportedly averages over $1 million in sales per store!

According to this same article, the president of this competitor was quoted as saying that “He’s not ready to franchise. “We’re not ready to share our business.”¹

Customers love us

See for yourself and see what customers are saying about us on Yelp, Facebook and Trip Advisor!

  • We earn a 4 star rating on
  • And a 4 ½ star rating on Trip Advisor where we are ranked easily within the top 10% of all restaurant in our home base of Annapolis, MD
The Fast Casual restaurant segment is hot

The fast casual segment enjoyed 11.4% sales growth, almost doubling the growth rate of any other dining segment. Busy consumers, seeking quality, fresh food have flocked to concepts pioneered by the likes of Chipotle and Panera Bread. Fast casual is a step above Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR), but it’s not quite full service. Customers order at a counter but typically enjoy real plates and cutlery, and can often see their order prepared. Food preparation and the use of high quality ingredients take a higher priority. Fast casual works for today’s consumer because it offers good food and an interesting experience delivered quickly at a comfortable price point.

Lobster is a health conscious choice

Lobster meat is a healthy, low cholesterol food, with fewer calories and saturated fat than both chicken and turkey. Best of all, our preferred lobster sources are also certified sustainable.

Our price point is compelling

Although lobster rolls are not inexpensive compared to other fast casual options, Mason’s has been recognized by Washingtonian Magazine “Best Cheap Eats” for two consecutive years (2015 and 2016) and we are considered to offer consumers a good value.

Backed by an experienced management team


Dan Beck, Founder and President  Prior to opening Mason’s, Dan was the owner of a private company that sold high-quality specialty seafood, including lobster, to restaurants in Washington, D.C. and surrounding markets. Dan is a seasoned veteran of the restaurant and seafood industries and a well-acknowledged seafood expert. His relationships in the seafood and lobster markets make him uniquely qualified in sourcing the best quality lobster at attractive prices.

Rusty Kurtov, Vice President of Operations, is a seasoned veteran of the restaurant industry with more than 15 years
of full-service and casual dining experience. Among his vast restaurant experiences is his tenure as a multi-unit manager for a Tropical Smoothie franchise group in North Carolina. Rusty is a minority partner in Mason’s Lobster Franchising, LLC.

Dane J. Cherry, Vice President of New Store Development, has been in the food and franchising industry for more than 30 years. Dane has won numerous Franchisee-of-the-year awards as a multi-unit operator and has started several successful franchise companies as well. These concepts have also won him multiple “Best of” awards throughout the United States and internationally. Dane is also a partner in the Rehoboth Beach, DE Mason’s franchise.

Lou Termini, Director of Franchise Expansion, brings more than 40 years of experience in senior leadership, founder, and CEO roles at both retail chains and development firms. Multiple concepts that he has created over the years have collectively garnered dozens of awards and received national notoriety. He has headed up expansion and development programs for various food service chains.

Yuriy Fedoriv, Vice President, who has worked with and partnered with Dan Beck in most of Dan’s prior restaurant endeavors, serves as Director of Operations for Mason’s. Yuriy is an operating partner of Dan’s and a shareholder of Mason’s.

¹ These figures are as published in the May 2015 edition of QSR Magazine. We make no representation whatsoever that this information is accurate, nor do we represent that these figures are in any way indicative of the potential performance of a Mason’s Lobster franchise. You are strongly advised to consult with a financial advisor to assist you in conducting your own independent research regarding purchase of a Mason’s Lobster franchise.

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. Click to read full legal notice.


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