May 01, 2015 | Washingtonian

Cheap Eats 2015: Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls

It’s surprisingly nondescript for a spot on Annapolis’s quaint, touristy Main Street, and the kitchen is no bigger than that of some efficiency apartments. These are good things, evidence of owner Dan Beck’s priorities. He spends his money where it counts—on the best lobsters he can get, from an estimable outfit in Portland, Maine. The meat’s quality and freshness (and absence of wateriness, a sign of frozen product) come through in each sweet bite of these rolls, which, in the classic lobster-shack manner, are served on buns smeared with butter and griddled. Beck doesn’t obscure that flavor with too much mayo, and he offers a lesser-known Connecticut alternative as well, with the meat doused in warm drawn butter.

Reprinted from Washington Magazine, May, 2015.

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Lobster roll from Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls

Fotolia/Olga Lyubkin